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Magee students are assigned guidance counselors who will help them during their middle school years. Counselors can offer advice and information on course selection, grades, study habits, tutoring, and other academic and personal issues related to school life.

The school provides a nurse or a nurse on call during the school day. Students going home sick for the day should wait in the nurse's office for a parent/guardian to arrive. Students requiring medical care for a serious illness or health emergency must be transported by their parent/guardian to the appropriate medical facility. An emergency card must be on file in the office for each student indicating all individuals authorized by the parent/guardian.
Only medication prescribed by a doctor and in the original container may be brought to school. All medication must be kept and dispensed in the nurse's office. Parents must sign a consent form authorizing school personnel to dispense medications.
Students are not permitted to possess drugs of any kind at any time on school property.

Bus transportation will be provided to and from school for Magee students living 2.5 miles or more from the school. Bus service is a privilege that can be revoked for inappropriate behavior on the bus, at a bus stop, or anywhere else that endangers the safe transportation of students between home and school. Students will be disciplined under school rules for incidents related to improper bus conduct.

Each student will be assigned a locker. Students are responsible for the security of their lockers, and no students should share their locker or give their combination to other students. Students may go to their lockers only before school, before and after lunch, and after school. Backpacks, hats, and sunglasses are to remain in the lockers during the school day. Periodic locker clean-outs will be made to assure that orderly lockers are maintained.
Physical Education lockers will be assigned in the appropriate locker room. Each physical education student should purchase a combination lock for use on the P .E. locker.


Hot lunch and the snack bar are available to all students. You may also bring your lunch; however, all lunches must be eaten in the supervised area. Students are expected to dispose of all refuse in available garbage cans to help keep the area clean. Throwing of food will result in disciplinary action. Cost: Lunch $2.00, Breakfast $1.10


State law requires bicyclists to wear helmets. Students caught not wearing a helmet may be ticketed by the School Resource Officer. Bicycles that are ridden to school are to be parked in the bicycle compound and must be locked. School does not carry insurance on stolen items. Bicycles are not allowed on walkways at any time. Bicycles must be walked while on campus. No motorized bikes or cycles are allowed on campus. Skateboarding is not allowed at anytime.


Anything brought to school is the responsibility of the student . Lost property is stored in the cafeteria. If you feel your property has been stolen, contact the assistant principal, however, there is no guarantee your property will be recovered. The best rule to follow is: if you don't want to lose it-- don't bring it to school!
Any kind of electrical equipment is not allowed on campus. The school does not carry insurance to cover replacement or repair of lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to individual students. Students should bring only necessary school supplies.