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Mission Statement

The Magee Middle School faculty is committed to student's academic excellence, to developing their self-esteem in a secure environment that meets their physical needs, and to nurturing healthy, responsible, skilled, productive individuals who respect themselves, and others and who take an active, positive role in society.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Tucson Unified School District does not discriminate on basis of race, color, religion, national origin , sex , age or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its educational programs or activities. Inquires concerning Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, Section 504 and Americans With Disabilities Act may be referred to Director for Equity Development, 1010 East 10th Street, Tucson, Arizona 85717 (520) 6170-7302, or to the Office for Civil Rights , U.S. Department of Education, 1244 Speer Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80204

Principal Jerry Holmes

Mr. Holmes is a native Tucsonan who attended Tucson High School and the University of Arizona. He came to education after spending several years working in the banking industry. He has taught social studies, math and job attainment skills at the middle school and high school levels. He worked as an assistant principal in TUSD middle schools for 16 years. He loves working with middle school students and enjoys all of the fabulous students at Magee. You can email Mr. Holmes at [email protected]

Meet Dr. Mary Jo Bart:

"I was born and raised in Phoenix AZ. I attended the University of Arizona where I earned an M.A. and Ph.D. In English. I've taught English, ESL, and Spanish at the high school level. This is my 11th year as an assistant principal at the middle school level."
You can email Dr. Bart at [email protected]

Say "Hello" to Ms. Patricia Vold:

"I was born in North Dakota and moved to Tucson at an early age. I attended the University of Arizona and earned a bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Education. I taught PE for 18 years at Cholla HS, coached at both Cholla and Pima College. I have been an assistant principal at the middle school level for 9 years."
You can email Ms. Vold at [email protected]

Mrs. Eman

Ms. Eman was raised as a military dependent - growing up mainly in Hawaii and graduating from a Catholic high school in North Dakota. She has lived in Tucson for twenty-three years. She is starting her seventh year at Magee. Prior to becoming a counselor she worked as a kindergarten teacher and as a woodworking teacher in the K-3 program. She loved those years, but nothing compares to working with middle school students. The ups and downs of their lives definitely keeps things interesting - and she loves every minute of it (almost) ! If nothing else she would like all middle school students to leave Magee with a strong belief in themselves and their abilities. She does her best to take care of the students whose last names begin with L-Z .

Mrs. Lloyd

Before working at Magee, she was a long-term substitute counselor at Naylor Middle School and Grijalva Elementary. She serves students whose last name begins with the letters A through K.
Prior to joining TUSD, Debbie spent many years counseling and creating workshops that pertained to a variety of issues and populations. Debbie says: “I am proud and happy to be at such an awesome school. Two important beliefs I have related to Magee students are: Middle school years are transitional and middle school personalities will not last forever. Students will do things at this age without thinking about the consequences. Through caring, yet firm guidance, students can learn from their mistakes and grow to be good students, as well as caring, productive individuals. I try to help students develop good academic, social, and critical thinking/problem solving skills that will serve them throughout their school years and allow them to be self-supporting and productive adults.

Ms. Harwell

Ms. Harwell is the office manager at Magee. A native Tucsonan, she attended University High School and went on to get a BA in Chemistry from the University of Arizona. She joined the district in the Food Services Department and was very excited about the opportunity to work at Magee.

Ms. Kathy Parris

Ms. Kathy Parris is Magee's Attendance Registration Technician. Ms. Parris has been keeping track of our students for 13 years. Both her children were Magee grads, and she loves working with the students!